Good luck, bad luck:

Superstitions and sayings of unknown origin


It is considered good luck for a bride to meet a lamb, a dove, a spider, a policeman, a clergyman, a doctor, a blind man or a black cat on her way to her wedding ceremony.

For good luck, the groom should give a coin to the first person he sees on his way to the church.

If the bride or a child cry during the wedding service, it is considered lucky.

Dating back to Victorian times, seeing a chimney sweep on the way from the church will bring good luck.

During the Middle Ages, some Jewish weddings were held in cemeteries, since it was believed the life-affirming act of marriage could halt plagues.


It is considered bad luck for a bride to meet a pig or pass a funeral on the way to her wedding ceremony.

For country brides, a cock crowing after dawn of the wedding day is a bad omen.

Pins are considered unlucky, so the cautious bride should throw every pin away when removing her gown and veil.

It is bad luck for the groom to see his bride’s wedding gown before the wedding day, and it will bring more bad luck if he looks at the gown as she walks down the aisle.


Married in white,
You have chosen a right.
Married in blue,
Your lover is true.
Married in pink,
Your fortunes will sink.
Married in green,
You will not long be seen.
Married in yellow,
Ashamed of the fellow.
Married in brown,
You’ll live out of town.
Married in gray,
You’ll live far away.
Married in black,
You’ll wish you were back.


A January bride will be a prudent housekeeper,
And very good-tempered.
A February bride will be an affectionate wife,
And a tender mother.
A March bride will be a frivolous chatterbox,
Somewhat given to quarreling.
An April bride will be inconsistent, or forceful,
But well-meaning.
A May bride will be handsome, agreeable,
And practical.
A June bride will be impetuous,
And generous.
A July bride will be handsome,
But a trifle quick-tempered.
An August bride will be agreeable,
And practical as well.
A September bride will be discreet, affable,
And much liked.
An October bride will be pretty, coquettish,
Loving but jealous.
A November bride will be liberal and kind,
But sometimes cold.
A December bride will be fond of novelty,
Entertaining but extravagant.