Bridal-show tips

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Attending a bridal show is the best way for you to plan your wedding. The professionals are right there where you can talk directly to them, most of them have samples of their work and you just have to drive to one location to see them. However, attending a bridal show can be a bit overwhelming—unless you take a few steps to prepare.

Make a list
When you attend the show, you want to focus on the products and services you need the most. Making a list will help you stay focused while you are shopping. If you are just starting your wedding plans, then list the products and services that are most important to you. If you are looking for a reception facility, or your wedding gown, put those at the top of the list. Facilities often book nine months to a year in advance, and your gown can take up to six months to come in after it is ordered.

Buy some colored stickers
You will come home with tons of flyers, business cards and brochures. There is an easy way to remember which came from who and whether you liked them or not. Pick up some red and blue colored dots. You can get these at office-supply stores. After you talk with an exhibitor, put one color if you liked them, or the other color if you did not, on the literature they give you. Keep the literature that you marked with the color you liked.

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Make some address labels
Almost every exhibitor you visit will have a drawing for you to enter or a sign-up sheet for more information. You can save time (and prevent writer’s cramp) if you have labels with your name, wedding date, address, phone number and e-mail address to stick on the drawing slips and sign-up sheets.

Invite someone to go with you
It is always good to have a different perspective when you are shopping for your wedding. There is a lot of emotion tied to your decisions and there are many choices to make. It will be much easier if you have someone you trust with you to give you a different point of view. The best people to invite are those involved in making decisions about the wedding. It saves you from having to recall what you learned at the show. Also, many exhibitors offer special discounts if you hire them at the show. If you have decision makers with you, you can take advantage of those discounts.

Another reason to take someone with you: you will need help carrying all of the literature, magazines and books that you pick up!

Wear comfortable clothing
What ever you usually wear to go shopping is what you should wear to a bridal show. Comfortable shoes are a must! You will spend at least four hours at the show, and most of that time will be on your feet.

Have fun!
Although bridal shows can be overwhelming, they are always filled with excitement. You will get the chance to pick up great ideas for your wedding. This is an opportunity to actually enjoy planning your wedding.