Wed., July 31, Vice Night

Naked Lounge Downtown, 8:30 p.m., $5

Rock 'n' roll is a genre of music. It's also an old euphemism synonymous with “bumpin' uglies”—you know, fornicating. That's exactly what this night's all about. Well, not the act, per se. But definitely songs about it, inoxication and “all the things your mom didn't want you to do,” according to a flier. Yes, it's a night of vice-themed songwriting featuring Gordon Groft (pictured), Jon Emery (of Dry County Drinkers), Bob Waller (formerly of Stout Rebellion), Pete Barker and James Wilson (Whiskey and Stitches), and One Eyed Reilly, which—if Urban Dictionary is correct—could mean a gorgeous girl with one eye or a “cool dude” with one eye. 1111 H Street,