Wed., July 31, The Dirty Heads

Ace of Spades, 6 p.m., $25

The Dirty Heads formed when two Orange County kids—Dustin “Duddy B” Bushnell and Jared “Dirty J” Watson—met at a party in the mid-'90s. The carousing has continued ever since. The pair has attracted a big following, with a melodic slacker approach to music that combines reggae, rock and hip-hop. A catchy ditty called “Lay Me Down” was one highlight of many on the group's first release, Any Port in a Storm. Last year, the Dirty Heads released Cabin by the Sea, which helped propel the group to the forefront of the reggae-rock world with its quirky musical ideas, stream-of-consciousness lyrics and goofball energy. 1417 R Street,