We Are Scissor Sisters … And So Are You

Universal Music

The Scissor Sisters’ sound lands somewhere between the 1980s synth pop of Depeche Mode and the 1970s balladry of Elton John, with touches of psilocybin-laced Bee Gees falsetto harmony and flamboyant Rocky Horror gender bending. Strutting up the streets of New York, populated by drag queens and filthy gorgeous gigolos, this disco-rock quintet has been tearing up the Big Apple’s live-music circuit since 2001. If you missed their debut album last year, then this just-released DVD is the perfect introduction to the Sisters (who are actually four guys and a gal of no relation). It features a highly theatrical live performance and a 30-minute documentary, both directed by Julien Temple, as well as five videos—including their outrageous Grammy-nominated cover of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb.”