WarpVision: The Videos, 1989-2004


England’s Warp Records is home to some of indie electronica’s finest: the outer-edge grooves of Jamie Lidell and Luke Vibert, the skittering digi-speriments of Autechre and Squarepusher, and the singular world of Aphex Twin. WarpVision is their socket-burnin’ compendium of 32 videos and a take-or-leave hour-long “dance mix” CD. But the real candy is all eyeball. Start with the Aphex tracks and have some images burned into your gray stuff for a lonnng time. Other corkers include Broadcast’s Euro jet-age psych (replete with Dream Machines); the boardroom high jinks of Plaid; all three of LFO’s beauts (’specially the Japanese teen-alicious “Freak”); and m’beloved Mira Calix, with visuals that could have come from Devendra Banhart. And there’s so much more. Want to see the future? This’ll help.