Way, way off the beaten path

It is particularly refreshing when music crops up in unsuspecting places, such as when I noticed a flier at Sierra College in Rocklin soliciting new bands to play at a place called Trista’s Caffeine Corner in Loomis, at 3589 Taylor Road at Webb Street; the phone number is (916) 652-6466. Live, original music in Loomis! The idea itself is enough to light the most jaded music critic’s soul aflame! Into the car, folks, and let’s ride.

One of the great things about Loomis is that, like many smaller towns outside the suburban Sacramento sprawl, there isn’t much for the kids to do. What this means, in regards to live music, is that a small (and I mean small) coffee shop like Trista’s becomes, for one brief moment, the shining light of interest in a town otherwise devoid of under-21 activities of any visible kind. The early evening I stopped in to watch a lone, young singer-songwriter perform her own songs, the room—although tiny even by Sacramento venue standards—was packed with attentive and quiet listeners clearly interested in hearing the performance. In fact, even the parking lot was filled—with young skateboarders who periodically stuck their heads through the door to listen before skating off again. (Louder bands play in this parking lot rather than the tiny room.)

Is Trista’s the perfect venue? Of course not. Are the performers top-notch? Not even close. Nonetheless, there is something magical about the way music appears, and given the decreasing number of all-ages clubs in Sacramento—particularly with the stunning news that the Capitol Garage will not be an all-ages venue at its new location, at least for now—perhaps the small towns way, way off the beaten path provide the nearest thing we have to all-ages musical salvation.

Rock on, little Trista’s. Rock on.

Local radio station 98 Rock has announced the release of Sacramento Rocks Vol. 11, a compilation of Sacramento-area rockers—mostly of a harder variety—including Key to Arson, Honeyspot, Nothing Like Negative, Turning Point, Soul Taco, Paredim Shift, Skribble, Self Against City, After The Silence, With Passion, Glitched, Larisa Bryski, Nu-Clear, Crash Avenue, Page29, Irritant, Gooser, Circle of 5ths, Above, the F-Bombs and Anne Ramsey. The second of two CD-release shows to celebrate the release, and to raise money for the Mustard Seed School, will be held on September 23 at The Boardwalk. Admission is $10 and includes a copy of the CD. Frankly, it’s not a bad deal.

Those of you looking for more swing in your music may already be aware that the terrific Sunday-afternoon jazz series previously held at the Stockmarket has moved permanently to a new home at Savanna’s Lounge, at 1401 Arden Way inside the Red Lion Hotel. Shows generally start around 5 p.m., and cover charges are usually under $10, with recent offerings including Warren Gale, Mark Levine and the Miles Cope Quartet. Jazz aficionados also may have noticed that the jazz calendar maintained by the Northern California Modern Jazz Association has gone off-line, in large part because the association is now defunct. Not to worry, though, because the Sacramento Jazz Notes Web site has replaced it in promoting local jazz events, particularly the Savanna’s series. Fans can check it out at www.sacjazznotes.org.