Warren Miller’s Ride

If you snowboard or ski, chances are good you’re already familiar with Warren Miller and his movies. He’s been making ski films for many moons, taking viewers to remote locales, filming daring feats and punishing audiences with his stale humor. But if you can ignore Miller’s cheesy voiceovers and just concentrate on the action, you’re in for a treat. This year’s film, Ride, captures everything from snowboarding in Russia to free skiing in France. After watching 90 minutes of top athletes shredding foreign mountains, you’re guaranteed to leave the theater mumbling, “Sweet Jesus, I’ve got to get to the gym.” Ride comes to the Crest Theatre for one night only, Sunday, Nov. 5, with shows at 5 and 8 p.m. Call 44-CREST or 649-TIXS for ticket information.