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SN&R endorsements for November 2 election

Jerry Brown

Lt. Governor
Gavin Newsom

Secretary of State
Debra Bowen

State Controller
John Chiang

State Treasurer
Bill Lockyer

Attorney General
Kamala Harris

State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Tom Torlakson

Insurance Commissioner
Dave Jones

State Board of Equalization
District 2
Chris Parker

U.S. Senate
Barbara Boxer

U.S. House of Representatives
District 3
Ami Bera

District 4
Clint Curtis

District 5
Doris Matsui

State Senate
District 6
Darrell Steinberg

State Assembly
District 4
Dennis Campanale

District 5
Richard Pan

District 8
Mariko Yamada

District 9
Roger Dickinson

District 10
Alyson Huber

State Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal justices
Retention for all three judges

State ballot propositions
Proposition 19: decriminalizes marijuana

Proposition 20: prematurely extends redistricting reforms

Proposition 21: saves state parks

Proposition 22: gives unfair advantage to redevelopment agencies

Proposition 23: suspends implementation of air-pollution control law Assembly Bill 32

Proposition 24: ends tax loopholes that benefit the rich

Proposition 25: changes vote requirement on budget to a single majority

Proposition 26: requires two-thirds vote to increase fees, especially related to the environment

Proposition 27: eliminates state commission onredistricting

Local offices
Sacramento County Sheriff
Scott Jones

Sacramento City Council
District 5
Patrick Kennedy

District 7
Ryan Chin

SMUD Board of Directors
Ward 4
Genevieve Shiroma

West Sacramento Mayor
Christopher Cabaldon

Sacramento City
Measure B

Measure D

Measures C, H and O

Los Rios Community College District Board of Trustees
Area 1
Dustin Johnson

Area 2
Robert Jones

Area 6
Deborah Ortiz