No on 23

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Given the current state of the environment—more scientific studies recently released confirm that the average temperature is rising worldwide, the catastrophic flooding in Pakistan’s Indus River Valley, the wildfires that have plagued Russia, Iowa’s third 200-year flood in the last 20 years—you’d think Proposition 23 would be a no-brainer for Californian’s to reject. Unfortunately, the proponents of this measure, using plenty of funding from traditional fossil-fuel producers, have tried to muddy the waters by labeling the measure a “jobs bill.”

The claim ignores the huge potential for green-job growth as a result of Assembly Bill 32, which the proposition seeks to gut. Whether one believes in anthropomorphic causes for climate change or not is irrelevant; the question is, instead, “What sort of planet do I want my children and their children to inherit?”

A.B. 32 is the beginning of a long-term solution to a planet that our species (and plenty of other species as well) can continue to comfortably inhabit. Like all long-term solutions, it’s not an easy or quick fix, and it certainly messes up the quarterly profits at Tesoro, Valero and Koch Industries. But their shortsightedness in focusing on the financial quarter should not distract California voters from looking at the big picture: Keep A.B. 32 strong. We strongly urge a no vote on Prop. 23.