For more information about 10/10/10 activities in the Sacramento region and elsewhere, go to www.350.org.

This weekend, citizens and environmental groups throughout the Sacramento region—as well as all over the United States and the world—will unite to take action against global climate change. Some will do small things: install a low-flow shower head and do some winterizing, or set up a home-recycling area. Others will tackle some bigger jobs: work along the American River in Sacramento; a day of work in Davis, followed by a big party; 100-mile potlucks and event valet bike parking at the opening of the Crocker Art Museum’s new digs. The whole point is to show our political leaders that regular people across the globe are ready, willing and able to move forward on climate change, the environment and sustainability.

We at SN&R urge you to join in this day of action and fun. To locate an event near you, visit 350.org, enter your ZIP code and search for a project that appeals to you. Or just stick close to home and focus on a project that will help you conserve energy, like tuning up and preparing your bike for winter commutes.

More than anything, 10/10/10 is an opportunity to survey what we can do to help humanity survive itself. Earth isn’t going anywhere—it’s humans and other living things that are in danger.