King Me

Visqueen’s music is punky with poppish overtones, somewhat like the Fastbacks (whose Kim Warnick plays bass in this band), although with a bit more rock edge. But this talented trio is not one of the million Blink 182 wannabes; its music has actual heart and brains. Visqueen is fronted by singer and guitarist Rachel Flotard, who pens some very memorable tunes—my faves are “Vaxxine” and “Lovely Guilty,” but the rest of the songs are certainly no slouches. Flotard and Warnick are joined by hard-hitting drummer Ben Hooker, and all three players complement each other extremely well. I’m not exactly sure where a visqueen stands in the ranks of nobility, but I know this band is the latest contender to the throne of my turntable. King Me certainly is one of the best releases I’ve heard this year.