The Durutti Column

Someone Else’s Party

The latest album from Vini Reilly, a.k.a. the Durutti Column, serves to reconnect to fans of the late-1970s music scene after a lengthy absence from touring. Reilly, a gifted guitarist who released several ambient/electronic-leaning albums, delivers a potent 14-track affair aimed at the early New Order and Joy Division crowds of yore. Reilly still has a penchant for flowery guitar wash and isn’t afraid to stretch, as evidenced on tracks like “Requiem For My Mother” and “Spanish Lament.” Although his following has been reduced to today’s 30-somethings, chances are this album could draw some curious indie hipsters looking for influences from the early Manchester scene. Unfortunately, the Durutti Column revels in obscurity, mostly due to Reilly’s lack of touring and constantly evolving musical works.