Vincent Black Shadow Van-Go

Dan Samborski, detail from “High Voltage,

Dan Samborski, detail from “High Voltage,"acrylic on clayboard, 2004.

“This would make a great quirky little story on the local art scene,” the press release from artist Dan Samborski stated. Back in the mid-1990s, Samborski covered the art beat for SN&R as part of what he called a tag team, with fellow artist Ken Magri. And on next week’s Second Saturday (May 8) art walk, Samborski and Magri will be part of a show of miniatures in Izzy Schwartz’s mobile Mini Van-Go Gallery, which will make stops at Solomon Dubnick Gallery (6 p.m., 2131 Northrop Avenue), at 20th Street Art Gallery (7 p.m., 911 20th Street), at the Art Foundry Gallery (8 p.m., 1021 R Street) and on Del Paso Boulevard (9 p.m., most likely near Gallery Horse Cow at 1409 Del Paso Boulevard). Also showing will be Jim Albertson, Jack Ogden, Kim Scott and others. Samborski’s own work has a certain twisted resonance; his painting “High Voltage,” above, depicts an acquaintance who chose to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a rather unorthodox manner.