Ugly Dress

You know what they say: Three times a bridesmaid, three unwearable, peach, puff-sleeved, butt-bowed dresses in your closet. That is, unless your friends have better taste than the brides whose picks ended up on this guilty-pleasure site. Sure, it caters to one’s worst impulses, but really, what’s the Internet for, then? Next time you have a slow day at work, enjoy some schadenfreude over the Hello Kitty wedding dress, the “married in a whorehouse” corseted burgundy number, or the teal-green frock that matched the groom’s Camaro. The site isn’t so pretty, but that goes with the theme. Aside from dresses you’d never want to wear are hideous wedding décor and cakes—though, say what you will, there is something kitschy-awesome about a tiered wedding-cake stand layered with Hostess products.