Chili logic

SN&R’s editorial department uses Eudora as an e-mail client—fully equipped with a politically correct barometer. To those unfamiliar, messages are gauged on a scale of zero to three chili-pepper icons, warning the reader (and sender) of their potential to offend. When an e-mail sent to my boss was deemed a level-two chili item, it roused a curiosity to uncover the buzz words that qualified my note as heated. Turns out, someone has already tested the waters. It’s a short experiment, but inspiring insofar as cooking up ways to get spicy with your e-mail recipients (or work-arounds to catch them off guard). If you don’t use Eudora, it’s still a good time. It goes without saying that this Web site reaches habanero status; eyes will water. Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, I still work here.