Tyler Perry's Temptation

Rated 2.0

A woman (Jurnee Smollett-Bell), bored with marriage to her childhood sweetheart (Lance Gross), meets temptation in the form of a billionaire playboy (Robbie Jones). Writer-director Tyler Perry, adapting one of his plays, lays on the soap opera even thicker than usual, and every plot development is telegraphed far in advance. Smollett-Bell is an appealing presence and a good actress, but she can't overcome the script's central problem: how a supposedly smart, no-nonsense woman falls for this smarmy Romeo's line of BS in the first place, when even the dumbest bunny in the audience can see through him from the start. Noted famous-for-being-famous celebrity Kim Kardashian appears as Smollett-Bell's co-worker, and, for once, manages not to embarrass herself; also along are Vanessa Williams and Renée Taylor.