Sunrise Projector

Can’t stop the name checks, and local artist Tycho, a.k.a. Scott Hansen, has admitted as much. But damn—Boards of Canada are an influence. It’s a viable and fortunate comparison, as Tycho, at this point in his career, reasonably measures up to that esteemed Scottish duo. Tuneful single-melody lines are the focus here, with occasional vocals (sampled or otherwise) atop the not-quite glitchy and none-too-heavy beats. Straddling glossy and nearly organic electronic sounds, Sunrise Projector contains more of the misnamed intelligent dance music than club jams. Headphones suit the music best, as the pleasant drifting oscillates across the channels. “Past is Prologue” speeds up the tempo with nearly drum-and-bass breaks in the middle. Chachi Jones contributes a remix that closes out the disc to pleasant effect.