Running Ape-like From the Backwards Superman: 1989-1995

Ignored during the time it trod on Earth, San Francisco’s Monoshock—whose reputation of being some Bay Area ascendant to the thrones once occupied by both Crime and Chrome—is finally validated with the release of this 17-song anthology. Running Ape-like collects the band’s 45s, compilation tracks and some live damage in one squealing package. Some tracks sound like Amon Duul and the Stooges jamming in a dimly lit bunker, and others resemble Quicksilver Messenger Service covering Black Flag’s Damaged. Oddly, the one bum track is a cover of Hawkwind’s “Psychedelic Warrior,” with its poo-scented keyboards, which still leaves 16 hair-waggers to sit ’n’ spin to and a must for all you Comets on Fire fans. Another solid gut punch from local label S-S Records.