Rated 3.0 Director Roger Nygard presents a documentary view of the Star Trek fan phenomenon in all it’s permutations—including the dentist whose office is Starbase Dental (with uniformed receptionists and assistants), the Whitewater juror in Little Rock who wore her Starfleet uniform every day of the trial, and the self-styled “Spiner-Femme” whose admiration for actor Brent Spiner (Commander Data) borders on stalking. Some of the fans are a few Dilithium crystals short of a warp drive, and Nygard’s bemusement occasionally spills over into derision; some of the more humorless Trekkies may take offense. On the whole, however, Nygard’s attitude is one of affectionate indulgence. Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar) serves as the on-camera interviewer.