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3 Leg Torso

Listening to 3 Leg Torso is like sitting in a tattered movie theater, watching a grainy, black-and-white projection of yourself walking in slow motion through the streets of Eastern Europe or antiquated Paris. Yeah, it’s that good. And after lending your ear to the music, it’s easy to picture the band’s early days as a street-performance ensemble, wafting its meandering accordion melodies through the open air. It’s also easy to understand how Torso’s tunes have made their way into the soundtracks of documentary films by Oscar-winning animator Joan Gratz, and Sundance Film Festival award winner Rob VanAlkemade. The five-piece ensemble brings its accordion, trumpet, violin, percussion and upright bass to two local venues this week. At 8 p.m. on Friday, the melodies will drift from the doorway of Placerville’s Cozmic Café, 594 Main Street ($8). Then, at 7 p.m. on Sunday, the Village Home Community Center, 2655 Portage Bay East in Davis, will pair the quintet with the Fishtank Ensemble ($12 advance, $15 door).