Top 20 anniversary slogans/ideas we decided against at the last minute

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Same great paper, same great price

Purchasing Knight Ridder: Why didn’t we think of that?

Because you can’t make hats out of the Internet

We’re young, we’re hip and we’ll come ride our motorcycles at your birthday party for cash

SN&R: the favorite of bird-cage liners everywhere

Greening Sacramento 100,000 newspapers at a time

Never mind the page views—our graphic design kicks Craigslist’s ass

Twenty years later, objectivity is still an attitude

Rewriting history one week at a time

How softly can you walk on the Earth before youjust float away?

Idea for story!: “How do theydo it? SN&R investigates why it continues to lose the battle for best coverage of breast implants to Sacramento Magazine”

Idea for story!: “I have no idea, but I’ll ask: A history of country music in Sacramento” by Josh Fernandez

SN&R film reviewer’s double dare: Squashed popcorn boxes only, all the way ’til summer!

SN&R readers’ poll: Is Kevin Johnson a mini-Obama, or is Obama a too-skinny NBA guard wannabe from Hawaii? Is Midtown a mini-D.C., or is D.C. just a Midtown with more monuments? Is Heather Fargo a mini-Hillary, or is Hillary a better bureaucrat than we think? Is Arnold Schwarzenegger a mini-Reagan, a mini-Clinton or a mini-bastard love child of both?

News, reviews and a little dog with big dreams

Would it kill you to pickup one of these things?

SN&R: Kiss our First Amendment-covered asses

Because life’s too amazing to fit into 140 characters

Full of piss and vinegar since 1989

Think, damnit