Homage to album covers

We love to pay tribute to our favorite design inspirations as often as we can. Album covers have always made a great source. Here are five musically inspired creations.

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Sacto Calling

March 20, 1997

Our sixth annual Sammies issue was a near-perfect knockoff the Clash’s classic. Shot on the stage at The Press Club and completed with a custom-drawn font. (And that’s me in the background!)

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The Sacto Scene: Some Bands

March 25, 1999

Our eighth annual Sammies issue was a complex tribute to the Rolling Stones’ Some Girls album cover. Hours of painstaking detail went into matching the original but with names and faces of 20 local bands.

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Best of Sacramento 1999

September 23, 1999

Art director David Jayne (a newly hired designer at the time) behind the camera and slicked up as Elvis Costello on his This Year’s Model cover for a Best of Sac issue heavily devoted to local photography. His watch and polka-dot shirt make the shot perfect.

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Who’s Next?

March 29, 2001

For the Sammies 2001 issue, David paid homage to the Who album cover that paid homage to 2001: A Space Odyssey, and replaced the heads with those of local musicians.

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March 27, 2003

A localized mock-up by Andrea Diaz-Vaughn of the Beatles’ Revolver, with an illustration by Jesse Caverly and various photos of musician David Houston for the 12th annual Sammies issue.