Top 20 redeeming things about Sac

How does she love you? Let her count the ways.

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1. You can fall asleep in a park and enjoy a good nap, especially downtown.

2. The river is a wonderful place to visit; it’s calm and serene and helps with depression.

3. The Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen is an awesome place to repair your wheels for free.

4. You can attend Critical Mass on the fourth Friday of each month, once you get your bike fixed.

5. The Central Library rocks!

6. Laser tag at Country Club Lanes is totally fun.

7. Best breakfast food is at Cafe Bernardo on 28th Street and Capitol Avenue.

8. It’s a great place to enjoy the Second Saturday art walk year-round.

9. Queen Sheba spoken word is inspiring each Wednesday night.

10. The homeless folks are genuinely nice people—stop and talk to one.

11. The hustlers are great for getting a deal on anything.

12. Light rail might not be the greatest, but at least we have one.

13. The majority of young people in Sacramento are highly talented.

14. Farmers’ markets are a delicious place to get some fresh, local, seasonal food.

15. SN&R, of course!

16. Tuesday Jazz night at Capitol Garage is a great place to go on a date, or find one.

17. Sacramento is an excellent place to get some exercise done: yoga, dance, gym, etc.

18. The community colleges are really good.

19. Gunther’s Ice Cream Shop—need I say any more?

20. The Crest and Tower theaters are holding down the local movie scene.

Contributed by Fatima Malik, 22, program management assistant for the Health Education Council in Del Paso Heights.