Titan AE

Rated 3.0 A thousand years in the future, after Earth has been destroyed by a hostile alien race, a young vagabond (voiced by Matt Damon) is the key to finding a new homeland for the remnants of humanity. This animated adventure from directors Don Bluth and Gary Goldman borrows heavily from Star Wars (and before that, from the novels of Robert A. Heinlein and Superman Comics), and it still has the kind of story problems that have plagued all of Bluth’s films. Even so, Bluth and Goldman are good at papering over the holes in the story with some pretty dazzling animation effects, and the film is a sleek, shiny, space opera for boys of all ages, successfully distracting us from its uneven plot with action and thrills. Sci-fi buffs will find it the film they thought they were getting with Battlefield Earth.