Rated 2.0

A seminary student (Marc Blucas) is being stalked by the so-called “Riddle Killer,” a serial murderer whose victims include the brother of a police profiler (Justine Waddell); she naturally takes an interest in the student’s case, as does his childhood sweetheart (Laura Jordan), an insurance investigator who comes out of his past to comfort him. Alan B. McElroy’s script is supposedly based on a novel by Ted Dekker, but the real source (as if we couldn’t guess) is David Fincher’s Se7en, with its genius killer and his elaborate Rube Goldberg deathtraps. This version comes with a climactic twist that alert viewers will see coming early on—mainly because the story is so illogical that it’s the only possible explanation. The acting is a mix of earnest uncertainty and shameless over-the-top hamminess.