Code Name: The Cleaner

Rated 1.0

Cedric the Entertainer plays a man who wakes up one morning in a hotel room with no memory of how he got there, or even who he is—much less the identity of the dead FBI agent on the bed beside him, or where the briefcase full of cash came from. The movie is a hopeless mess. Robert Adetuyi and George Gallo’s script seems thrown together at random; Cedric talks about events “yesterday” and “the other day” that, as far as we can tell, happened only an hour or two before. Director Les Mayfield pays so little attention that costumes don’t even match from one scene to the next. Cedric and Lucy Liu (who plays a waitress who seems to be Cedric’s girlfriend) may want to give their agents a good talking-to. And Nicolette Sheridan (as a mystery woman who claims to be Cedric’s wife) may want to fire hers.