The Western White House

Since this is a special Hillbilly Deluxe edition of In the Mix, what better place to feature a Web page dedicated to the summer vacation hidey-hole of hillbilly numero uno, the Jethro Bodine of American politics? “The Western White House” is part of the larger site, an Onion-like parody that has ardent Busheviks all rode hard and put away wet. It’s pretty funny stuff. While the house pictured looks suspiciously like the Ewing spread on Dallas, the floor plan is pure Shrub, from the Nintendo® Virtual Reality Spotted Owl & Bengal Tiger Safari in the attic to Jenna’s Blacklight Freakout Room (right next to Vice-President Cheney’s Bunker) in the basement. There’s even a Fox News studio on the first floor, along with a separate “colored entrance” and plenty of rooms sponsored by such beloved and good corporate citizens as Enron, Halliburton and Bristol-Myers Squibb. Subliminable!