The History of Michael Jackson’s Face

One of the stranger tragedies in American pop culture is the metamorphosis of former child star Michael Jackson from a normal-looking young African-American man to one of the more extreme victims of multiple plastic surgeries. This page, part of a larger “tinfoil hat” site that catalogues such alt.weirdness staples as chemtrails, secret underground bases and who killed Kurt Cobain, presents a timeline, with snarky commentary, of how one man became obsessed with plastic surgery and ruined his face. Dividing it into such periods as “the Sigourney Weaver in Ghostbusters stage,” “the flying monkeys from Oz look,” “the alcoholic housewife look,” “the Batman period” (actually, the Cesar Romero as “the Joker” period) and “the Japanese anime cartoon guy period,” the timeline arrives at the current “Michael enters the ‘amphibious lizard from Men in Black’ phase. Jocelyn Wildenstein would be pleased.