The Warrior’s Way

Rated 2.0

After besting the greatest swordsman in the world, a laconic samurai spares the life of the last remaining infant of his enemy clan and escapes to America. He wanders into a desert-swallowed ghost town populated with discarded circus folk and finds acceptance there, but a group of sadistic bushwhackers, led by Danny Huston, forces the peaceful warrior out of retirement. Essentially a mish-mash of samurai poses, spaghetti Western camera moves, Sin City-style green-screen art direction, Sngmoo Lee’s The Warrior’s Way is certainly eager to please, but it would have had more impact without the Phantom Menace visuals and the jarring tonal shifts. South Korean actor Dong-gun Jang makes for a lifeless hero, and female lead Kate Bosworth acts with such rootin'-tootin’ enthusiasm, she seems to be auditioning for the part of Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl from the Toy Story films.