Rated 3.0

Just when it seemed like former wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was ready to join the Disneyland character breakfast, he pumps out this mean little revenge thriller. There’s nothing new in George Tillman’s fairly satisfying Faster (except its insistence on forcing Point Blank-style spectral vengeance into the short-attention-span era of video games and unlistenable emo rock), but it doesn’t cut corners or apologize for the mercenary way it fetishizes big guns, muscle cars, righteous gore and homoeroticism. As a newly released prisoner whose only ambition is to mete out bloody payback against the bastards who killed his brother, Johnson isn’t asked to do much but look intense and bulge his neck muscles, but he’s certainly the man for the job. Much more disappointing is Billy Bob Thornton, clearly entering the Gary Busey zone, as a ragged cop on Johnson’s trail.