Rated 4.0

The Brothers Grimm fairy tale “Rapunzel” gets a neoclassical Disney treatment, with the long-haired maiden now a princess (voice by Mandy Moore) kidnapped in infancy by an enchantress (Donna Murphy), who uses the girl’s magic hair to keep herself eternally young—until a swashbuckling bandit (Zachary Levi) invades Rapunzel’s secluded tower prison and tempts her out into the world. Dan Fogelman’s wisecracking Looney Tune-ish script may date in time, but it plays as breezy fun today; and directors Nathan Greno and Byron Howard give the movie a look that meshes the crackerjack gleam of 3-D CGI with the plush warmth of classic pen-and-ink animation. Alan Menken, whose music always tends to rise or fall to the level of his lyricist, here gets decent lyrics (Glenn Slater) and supplies a clutch of decent songs.