The Price of Milk

Rated 3.0 A New Zealand dairy farmer (Karl Urban) and his girlfriend (Danielle Cormack) decide to get married, but their relationship still has a few unresolved issues—for example, he talks about how neither of them want children, even as she furtively collects baby shoes and hides them in a suitcase. Add a conniving “friend” (Willa O’Neill) with her own designs on the farmer and a mysterious old Maori woman (Rangi Motu) who steals their quilt in the dead of night, and things take a decidedly surrealistic turn. Writer/director Harry Sinclair’s film is perplexing, tantalizing, even (at times) irritating—especially since it’s ultimately a bit trivial. Even so, Sinclair has a light touch; there’s a whimsical wit to the story that keeps you watching and makes you willing to forgive all the loose ends.