The Matrix Reloaded

Rated 3.0 Writer-director brothers Andy and Larry Wachowski deliver a second installment of their upstart cyberpunk spectacle with mixed results. The action is once again state-of-the-art and fabulously choreographed, but the story is now a near-parody of itself, as dense narrative and mind-teasing ruminations on the reality of reality are considerably dumbed down. This virtual-reality tale drenched in attitude, fashion statements, religious mysticism, theology and bracing Hong Kong action, continues to ponder the essence of identity and illusion and the power and threat of unbridled machines. A final enclave of free-thinking humans is threatened by an approaching horde of mechanical sentinels as computer renegade Neo (Keanu Reeves) accepts his role as the possible savior of mankind. A 14-minute freeway battle and a brawl between Neo and 100 Agent Smiths are to die for.