Bugs! 3-D

Rated 5.0 Real tropical insects star in this eye-popping IMAX experience. About 40 creeping, crawling and flying creatures found in the jungles of Borneo make an appearance in a staggering blend of entertainment, information and visual wonder. This 40-minute tale of metamorphosis and survival follows the life cycle of predator and prey. A praying mantis is born along with a hundred siblings and matures to dine on its neighbors, and a caterpillar transforms from a tiny egg into a gorgeous butterfly. Other amazing moments include male rhino beetles battling for the attention of a female, and an ant drinking from a raindrop. The film, in which some of the cast are magnified to 250,000 times their normal size, was shot on location and on sound stages in the United Kingdom, where a microcosm of a rainforest was replicated for extreme close-ups. Shakespeare in Love’s Dame Judi Dench narrates.