The Marine

Rated 1.0

When an ex-Marine’s wife is kidnapped by a gang of jewel thieves on the lam, he gets a chance to deploy his commando skills, tracking them through the South Carolina swamps. Wrestler John Cena makes an effort to follow Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson into movie stardom, but it’s not that easy. Cena has the brawn and the good looks, but director John Bonito and writers Michelle Gallagher and Alan McElroy take no chances on whether or not he has the acting chops or the star charisma; instead, they keep him busy pummeling hulks, crashing vehicles, outrunning explosions—even, when all is said and done, raising the dead. With nonstop action, Cena’s dialogue is held to a monosyllabic minimum, and he’s upstaged by all the explosions; he easily forfeits the screen-presence sweepstakes to chief villain Robert Patrick.