The Grudge 2

Rated 2.0

That haunted house in Tokyo, the scene of several murders in 2004’s The Grudge, attacks a whole new set of characters, including the kid sister (Amber Tamblyn) of the first movie’s hapless heroine (Sarah Michelle Gellar, back for a quick cameo before dropping dead). Here’s yet another American remake—or rather, a sequel to an American remake—of an incomprehensible Japanese horror film, in this case one titled Ju-on (2000). The original director, Takashi Shimizu, does the honors once again, working from a script by Stephen Susco. The story moves at a glacial pace, jumping around from Tokyo to Chicago to Pasadena (and perhaps around in time as well), and as usual for these movies, it never makes much sense. But Shimizu knows how to weave a creepy mood, and there are more than a few genuine chills.