The Losers

Rated 2.0

A team of covert commandos is betrayed by their handler “Max” while on assignment in the South American jungle; then, believed dead, they set out on a self-imposed mission to find and kill the mysterious Max. Adapted by Peter Berg and James Vanderbilt from the Andy Diggle/Jock comic book (“written” would be too strong a term), the movie globe-trots with blithe disregard for time, distance or jet lag, under the breakneck direction of Sylvain White (whose last movie, appropriately, was Stomp the Yard). There’s not much depth or subtlety here, but for what it is, the movie isn’t badly turned out—unfortunately, “what it is” is exactly the problem. Jason Patric seems to be playing the villain Max for laughs, but it’s not easy to be sure. The movie is left open-ended, in the usual vamp-till-sequel manner.