Furry Vengeance

Rated 1.0

The forest creatures of rural Oregon take aim at a clueless developer (Brendan Fraser) whose latest project is encroaching on their habitat. Michael Carnes and Josh Gilbert’s script may have its heart in the right place, but its brain is AWOL; if this is the intelligence level of the average eco-minded citizen, then the planet really is doomed. Director Roger Kumble gives this unfunny trash exactly the treatment it deserves, perhaps accidentally; he may have thought he was applying just the right touch of fun, but the only fun to be had in this turkey is the thought of forcing Kumble, Carnes and Gilbert to burn the negative. Fraser pounds another huge nail in the coffin of his career (Gods and Monsters is looking like an awfully long time ago), and Brooke Shields is wasted as his long-suffering wife.