The Lisps

Brooklyn-based outfit the Lisps list crooked bottom teeth as one of their sources of inspiration. Not surprising, given the eccentric nature of this vaudeville-like act. Currently on tour supporting their debut album, Country Doctor Museum, they’ll stop at Old Ironsides this Saturday. They titled their Playlist “Five Awesome Songs by Bands We’re Playing With on the Road.”

1. “Sosey and Dosey”
by Drink Up Buttercup (from

2. “Flood Pt. 1”
by the Acorn (from Glory Hope Mountain)

3. “Marianne, You’ve Done It Now”
by Vandaveer (from Grace & Speed)

4. “First Sight”
by These United States (from A Picture of the Three of Us at the Gate to the Garden of Eden)

5. “Oregon My Only True Friend”
by the Physics of Meaning (from The Physics of Meaning)