Cuffs Urban Apparel

Stop by local clothing boutique Cuffs, located at 2523 J Street, and it’s likely that you’ll hear one of the songs featured on this week’s Playlist. While searching through the collection of vintage threads and creations by independent designers, don’t be afraid to sing along as Souls of Mischief drops lines like, “Brothers can’t hack it; / they lack wit, / we got the mack shit.”

1. “The Big U”
by the Blow (from Paper Television)

2. “Life’s a Gas”
by T. Rex (from Electric Warrior)

3. “Toop Toop”
by Cassius (from 15 Again)

4. “93 ’Til Infinity”
by Souls of Mischief (from 93 ’Til Infinity)

5. “Glory Box”
by Portishead (from Dummy)