John Conley

Any self-respecting Anglophile can tell you that the next best thing to actually visiting Britain is keeping your head loaded with music from across the pond. John Conley, vocalist and guitarist for local indie-pop outfit Desario, isn’t ashamed of his undying admiration for British music. Bloody hell, his iPod shuffle is chock-full of the stuff. Catch Desario at Old Ironsides tonight—you’d be barmy not to.

1. “'A’ Bomb in Wardour Street”
by the Jam (from All Mod Cons)

2. “Isolation”
by Joy Division (from Closer)

3. “Monsters Are Loose”
by Duels (from The Bright Lights and What I Should Have Learned)

4. “Remember Me”
by British Sea Power (from The Decline of British Sea Power)

5. “80s Life”
by the Good, the Bad & the Queen (from The Good, the Bad & the Queen)