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Here Come the Brides

Photo by Beth Baugher - <a">

Photo by Beth Baugher -

Within the next three months the River City will be home to three bridal shows. Now is the time to get a jump on your wedding plans. Wedding professionals say a year is not too long a time period for planning a wedding. But today more and more brides work full time and just can’t devote that much time to their Big Day. Let SN&R’s Bridal Guide help you spend your time and money wisely.

Really this is one area of life when time spent planning and getting organized will save you lots and lots of money. Last year the average cost of a wedding was $30,000 according to CNN, so we’re here to help you begin to get a grip, go-with-the-flow and avoid any potential wedding woes.

And … congratulations on your engagement. Enjoy!

Weddings: What’s new and how are you going to be able to afford it all?
Simple ideas for putting it all together. Whether you opt for a simple family affair or a classy formal event, pros help you get it right.

What’s a groom supposed to do besides stand there?
Today more and more, grooms are participating in all aspects of planning for a wedding. One groom talks about his wedding experience.

Be healthy and beautiful for your wedding
Find out how a personal trainer, a trip to a day spa retreat and a visit from an onsite make-up artist will make the real you beautiful.

Bridal Listings
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