Be healthy and beautiful

for your wedding

Photo by Adam P. Smith - Bonsaipauls Photography

Photo by Adam P. Smith - Bonsaipauls Photography

Let a pro tell you how

Even if you are opting for a small family wedding rather than a gala event with 500 guests, the bride will be the center of attention. So whether you’re already in great shape or just need a little help to fit into that fabulous frock, here are some tips to help make that dress fit a little better and get that perfect inner glow.

Getting in shape for your wedding should be seen as more than just costly primping. What about using this time to learn new ways of healthy living? All the better to begin your new life. One way to start is to work with a personal trainer.

“Don’t wait for a wedding or special event to get into awesome shape,” said Melissa Zuniga, a personal trainer with 24 Hour Fitness.

Her philosophy is simple; view your health and fitness as part of your life in balance. So many people live out of balance. People take care of everyone and everything but themselves.

To get started with a bride, Zuniga has a set of questions to help her devise a custom program. Here’s where she begins.

What is the time frame for weight loss and how much weight?

What obstacles does a bride face in meeting her goal, i.e., time, money?

How old is she and what is her stress level? These two factors are correlated. If a bride is over 30 and stress levels are increased, so is her cortisol production.

“This hormone adds weight to the mid-section,” Zuniga said. “To counteract the effects of cortisol I would prescribe vitamin B12 which is found in red meats and most of us are limiting our intake, in return most people are vitamin deficient.”

What does she do for a living? Is she sitting at a desk or is she standing at a cash register?

“Most adults are sedentary,” explained Zuniga. “Taking in to account what a bride does for a living is extremely important.

How many hours of sleep a night does she get?

Are there other medical, emotional or physical issues that need to be dealt with?

A workout schedule is then customized for each bride. Zuniga explained that exercising is an integral part of any legitimate lifestyle change. Exercising while losing weight gives your body a chance to catch up. Think of it this way: Five pounds of muscle takes up less space than five pounds of fat. This gives the appearance of being thinner. A person can weigh more and be healthy and fit. Exercise also creates more blood flow giving the face more color—adding a healthy glow.

How does Zuniga deal with unrealistic expectations?

“I would simply explain how a weight-loss program is designed to lose weight but also maintain weight loss in a safe and healthy manner,” she stated.

She broke it down this way: A simple mathematical equation should give the bride all the answers she might need—it’s recommended we lose only two pounds per week. So if a bride has four months, you take the weeks in four months and multiply by two—16 x 2 = 32 pounds. This is a safe and healthy amount to lose.

Vitamins and minerals are important to the overall program along with diet. Zuniga noted that during a training regimen supplementation is as important as diet or exercise. Why? Because during exercise free radicals increase in our systems so an antioxidant is a must.

The common misconception is that diet is anywhere from 60% to 80% responsible for a persons success.

“I’m sure the answer lies somewhere in the middle of this figure,” said Zuniga. “And people will be amazed at how much energy, vitality and abundant health awaits them.”

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