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Bridal Guide 2006

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According to the Web site About (at, the average American engagement lasts 14 months. If a typical ceremony and reception last, say, 6 hours, that means an average bride will spend approximately 70 days planning each hour of her wedding. Granted, we’re not deducting time for sleeping from this equation, and math isn’t our strong suit. But you get our point: Brides-to-be put a lot of effort into an event that is shorter than the typical workday. With the pressure of planning such a monumental event comes stress and anxiety. Some brides bear it bravely while others deteriorate into a psychotic mess. Others avoid the stress altogether by transforming their wedding into a mini vacation orqa extended family reunion. However you decide to approach your wedding day, we hope you’ll do so with the SN&R Bridal Guide in hand. We won’t tell you how to make favors or what color scheme is best for a fall wedding (although we are partial to plum). But we will render some practical advice on even more important topics—like keeping your sanity and preserving your relationships—that may help you create a day worthy of the 10,080 hours you will spend preparing for it.

Beloved & Beleaguered
We interviewed SN&R’s “Ask Joey” columnist about the serious relationship dilemmas that can surface during wedding planning

Beware Bridezilla
Don’t let the beast within make a monstrous mess of your wedding day

Destination Homegrown
You can have a destination wedding within driving distance of Sacramento

Bridal Listings
Resource guide