The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Rated 2.0

A bodyguard who’s fallen on hard times since losing an important client to assassination (Ryan Reynolds) gets a chance to redeem himself by escorting a notorious killer (Samuel L. Jackson) to testify in the Hague against an international criminal (Gary Oldman). Tom O’Connor’s script doesn’t know when to quit (half an hour earlier would have been smart); Jake Roberts’ editing is sloppy; and director Patrick Hughes seems just along for the ride. But Reynolds and Jackson deliver the goods; their chemistry is strong, and their scenes crackle, even when O’Connor gives them nothing to say but empty profanity. And you have to hand it to Jackson, he looks terrific for 68; he’s like an African American Cary Grant without the savoir faire. Elodie Yung adds sex appeal as Reynolds’ ex-lover and fellow bodyguard. J.L.