Thank you, Sacramento park rangers and workers!

A thought crossed my mind this past Saturday afternoon, while speeding at nearly 26 miles-per-hour down a hill on the American River Bike Trail:

“Wow. It's been only days since those storms, and the trail is in top shape, clear of dangerous debris—which could kill a guy like me, especially at this clip.”

But it's no magic that the bike trail, from Discovery Park all the way to Folsom, consistently is in excellent riding condition. This is the work of the county rangers and the parks departments.

Remember “hella storm”? Yeah, it was hella underwhelming. But on the bike trail, there were major issues: flooding, fallen trees, mud and leaves (which can cause even a pro cyclist to fishtail and crash).

Yet rangers were out there in trucks during the heart of the wind and downpour, keeping an eye on the trail and the parkway. I saw their cars perched atop the levies. And, as soon as the storm ended, rangers were out moving trees and shoveling mud. Impressive.

I'm a rookie cyclist. This past August, I purchased a road bike. And now, along with 5 million other annual visitors, I'm a major advocate for the enjoyment and preservation of American River Parkway and bike trail.

What's more fun than flying from Midtown to Goethe Bridge on a weekday before work? Or clearing your mind and pushing your legs to the limit while taking in the twists and turns and shaded tree groves between Ancil Hoffman Park and Sunrise Boulevard?

If you haven't already, get on two wheels and try out the parkway trail sometime in 2015. It's a life-changer.

And thank you, parkway workers. You definitely rule.