Tao of Steve, The

Rated 4.0 A likeable pot-bellied slob (Donal Logue) has a sure-fire formula for success in bed that depends on complete, Zen-like detachment. His philosophy begins to ring hollow when he finds himself—oh, the horror!—falling in love with his latest quarry (Greer Goodman, who co-wrote the screenplay with her sister, director Jenniphr Goodman). Logue’s performance, which won him the Best Actor award at Sundance, is agreeable and assured, and his chemistry with Greer Goodman makes us want them to work things out. Even so, what makes the film bubble is Jenniphr Goodman’s generous, open-hearted direction and the sardonically crackling screenplay. It’s effortlessly conversational yet somehow raised to the level of fine cuisine—reminiscent, in different ways, of Preston Sturges and John Sayles at their best.