Suspended sweetness

Cool Tea Bar, grass jelly roasted milk tea

Illustration by SARAH HANSEL

Sacramento is in a boba bubble, and Cool Tea Bar in Florin kicked off the latest surge with its opening in 2014. The shop serves a delightful alternative to standard bubble tea: grass jelly roasted milk tea ($4 regular, $4.50 large). Unlike tapioca pearls that sink to the bottom, the housemade grass jelly hovers beneath a layer of ice. The jiggly clouds—made of a minty plant and starch—are sipped in surprising bursts. Roasted milk tea has a fuller, almost nutty flavor. And if you’re put off by the saccharine quality of bubble tea, this shop has your number, literally. You can choose the exact percentage of sweetness that floats your boba. 5555 Sky Parkway, Suite 207;