Rated 1.0

I want to make one thing perfectly clear: Bruce Willis is not to blame for the decrepit sci-fi mess of Surrogates. Willis is an underrated actor (Live Free or Die Hard aside), does what he can with an unwritten role in Jonathan Mostow’s cluttered film, wears his latest hairpiece with aplomb and generally seems a stand-up guy. I’d drink a beer with the man, I just wouldn’t watch Surrogates with him. Adapted by John D. Brancato (a screenwriter pushing his way into Eszterhas-ian stature through such duds as Catwoman, Terminator: Salvation, The Net and Surrogates) and Michael Ferris from a graphic novel, Surrogates stars Willis as proverbial “good cop” Greer, who investigates a murder in a near-future world where people live through cyborg/sim versions of themselves. Surrogates would make a great masochistic double feature with the almost-identical Gamer.